Beekeeping Pilot Program at Willow Beach

This program is for the serious beginner who really wants to jump in and spend a season keeping their bees along side our professional beekeepers.  In this introductory year, your hive, bees, training, treatments and honey extraction are all covered.  In addition to one on one consultations during their own hive inspections, students will have opportunities to participate in yard wide inspections and observe our queen rearing program.

Keep your bees with us for the season.

This program includes everything you need to go through the first season of beekeeping.

  • Fully assembled double hive ready to go ( your choice of foundation)
  • Strong Nucleus colony(nuc) ready for installation 
  • Introductory Beekeeping course
  • One on one consultation throughout the season – assistance with management
  • Ride along – participation in yard inspections and see the commercial side
  • Treatments ( we will discuss issues and options and provide medication)
  • Honey extraction ( you will get 15Kg honey) ( a stater hive may not produce this much — but we will top up as required).
  • Winterization

A full season of activities are covered in this program.  This is a pilot project with a few openings.  This is a good plan for someone who wants to jump into beekeeping but is not sure about going it alone in year one.


A Thriving colony

Our first guarantee is that your bees are going to thrive. If something happens to your queen;  we will re-queen your hive at no cost.  Failure to thrive and we will diagnose and work with you to ensure your hive is super strong by winter.

Our second guarantee is you will enjoy your visits to Willow Beach, not just to inspect and watch your bees, but also enjoy a walk on our trails.

And finally, if you decide that you are not ready to take your hive home, we will buy your colony at season’s end.


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